Shocking Sex Drama at School – Bleachers – Observation Point

The other day on the local radio news broadcast, I heard that a 16-year-old boy would be in court for sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl, while friends sat on the bleachers watching it all unfold.

What is happening to our kids, and as leaders and parents in the community are we any better?

They had meet online in a social networking application and both mutually agreed to meet and do what they had fantasized about online–at school; however, they were also going to invite some of their friends to witness the event over a few drinks. Yes, alcohol was going to be the catalyst to get things going, after all what was a bit of alcohol when they would be doing it for others to view. Plans included a video camera to record the sexual encounter for possible post it online-Home Made Movie.

My mental and physical system was totally in shock upon hearing what had taken place. My mind had a difficult time coping, to think that this situation would be taking place in my community. It was staggering to my mind that day, and for days afterward. It repeatedly cycled in my mind with endless questions firing back at me. Where were the adults in their lives? What happened to standards and principles of the past? Have we entered an era that is beyond help? Who is going to care?

Finally, the vision in my mind collected each of the players, the setting, and the various relationships; however, a strange thing took place. As much as I detested what the teenagers were doing and how diabolical it all was, in my mind, I now replaced those actors with adults.

It was not a YouTube video, but a local theater. No bleachers just packed soft cushioned seats in tiers, so each seat was in an excellent position to view the full screen. On screen were prominent well-liked movie stars acting out writers sexual fantasies for all to view, although not drinking alcohol, a favorite soda along with popcorn, nachos, etc. satisfied the taste buds. There on screen accepted by the community at large total full-length nudity, pornography for adults, praised by reviewers and viewers alike, as a work of art… all should attend.

Is there any wonder then why children, and young adults, do what they do?

Before we send the kids off to reform school, foster homes, and jail, should we not be taking more action against adults who have reached a point of rationalizing what they do, but condemning what the children act out?

Many politicians, clergy, athletes and community leaders are now being called out for their statements against such sexual deviancy, only to have uncovered equal or worse actions they personally have been involved with and illustrate their hypocrisy.

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